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comfort in creation.

If I'm being honest, my daily life hasn't changed as much as so many others in the wake of the pandemic. I've never had much tendency to leave the house in the first place; even when I would be exceptionally bored and think, “Maybe I'll just go to Barnes & Noble and browse for a little while,” I would inevitably find myself still at home and before I knew it the day would be over. The biggest changes have come in the form of Dan working from … Read More

recent reads | winter 2020.

I've decided that I'm going to do a seasonal wrap up of what I've been reading. I won't review everything, and what I do review won't be long or particularly “professional” sounding, but I do want to share because I love knowing what others are reading or have read. It's a great way to find something new to add to my TBR (as if I need to add to it at all), and it's fun to hear what others think about something I've read as well. Winter Top … Read More

ostara intentions.

Spring is coming.(Some days, spring already feels like it's here.) I'm not Wiccan, but as part of my craft, I like to recognize the Wheel of the Year, to observe the changing of the seasons and the way it affects the everyday. This is my first year of actively observing the Sabbats, rather than simply putting them in my planner and doing a little mental acknowledgement when the day rolls around, so I thought I'd share my particular plans and … Read More

the seven of bows.

When I flipped the card for day two of the Goddess Tarot Challenge I'm participating in for March, I was genuinely curious what it would tell me. The prompt for the day asked what I needed to focus on to support my inner goddess, and to be honest, I had no real guesses what would come up. When I turned over the Seven of Bows in the Wildwood deck that I'm using, I looked at the image but still had to check the deck book for the meaning. “Allow … Read More

ode to the coming spring. | a poem

Your toesin the grass growing more lush by daythe deep greenvast before us.(Your first spring.)Crisp eveningsinviting us to sitbeneath the maple trees,your small body growing, curling into sleep in my arms;the fresh air breezesings a lullaby among the leaves.Your eyesfollow the crimson cardinal acrossthe cloudless sky for the first time.My heartis full to bursting to see you fall in love with the colors ofspringand earthto fall in love with life. … Read More

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